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Enforcing Unconstitutional Laws

From Bearing Arms:

The answer to that is that I believe the laws on the book need to be enforced, even if they’re wrong. They need to be enforced until they’re no longer on the books. By arguing that unconstitutional laws shouldn’t be followed–an argument I understand completely–you open the door for people to make that same argument about any number of other subjects.

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Arsenal Halts California Compliant Rifles

From Arsenal:

Arsenal Inc. appreciates the 2nd Amendment supporters and our enthusiasts from California and we remain dedicated to “The Right to Bear Arms” for everyone.

However, given the current laws and regulations in California and with less than 3 months left for the new laws to take effect, we regret to announce that the production of two of our California compliant rifles, the SAM7SF-84C and SAM7UF-85C has come to an end as of October 10th, 2016. All components for making the SAM7UF and SAM7SF into fixed stock California compliant rifles have been manufactured and the last units have rolled out of our production lines.

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Anti Gunners Admitting Laws Don’t Work


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NSSF and SAAMI Sue To Stop Microstaming Law

From NSSF:

“There is no existing microstamping technology that will reliably, consistently and legibly imprint the required identifying information by a semiautomatic handgun on the ammunition it fires. The holder of the patent for this technology himself has written that there are problems with it and that further study is warranted before it is mandated

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Knives Covered Under Second Amendment

From The Volokh Conspiracy:

  • Under the Supreme Court’s standard in District of Columbia v. Heller, knives are Second Amendment “arms” because they are “typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes,” including self-defense.
  • There is no knife that is more dangerous than a modern handgun; to the contrary, knives are much less dangerous. Therefore, restrictions on carrying handguns set the upper limit for restrictions on carrying knives.
  • Prohibitions on carrying knives in general, or of particular knives, are unconstitutional. For example, bans of knives that open in a convenient way (e.g., switchblades, gravity knives, and butterfly knives) are unconstitutional. Likewise unconstitutional are bans on folding knives that, after being opened, have a safety lock to prevent inadvertent closure.

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4th Amendment Under Attack Yet Again

This stuff is serious. Maybe most of the “People” protected by the Constitution do not have enough imagination to see how terribly wrong this is going to go for all of us, and I mean ALL of us. Well, I can imagine it because I’ve worked for governments, I know what they are capable of, and I promise you it will not be good. To quote Bogey, “maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life”,  if you can call existence in a police state a life. Think this is hyperbole? We’ll see.

I know first hand that getting warrants can be a pain in the ass, but too bad, its our job to defend and protect the constitution, not whine about how hard it is to do our jobs and still abide by the “current” law, or to look for shortcuts and ways to get around the only document that stands between freedom and totalitarianism.

But don’t worry, I’m clearly over reacting because if I wasn’t, those vigilant watchdogs of the Fourth Estate would surely mention the trampling of our fundamental freedoms in their newspapers, websites and TV news shows, wouldn’t they?

Here is the latest assault on our freedoms from the EFF

DOJ Official: Any Privacy Protection is Too Much Privacy Protection for Cell Phone Tracking

Jason Weinstein, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice’s criminal division, told a panel at the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee’s “State of the Mobile Net” conference yesterday that requiring a search warrant to obtain location tracking information from cell phones  would “cripple” prosecutors and law enforcement officials. We couldn’t disagree more.

For years, we’ve been arguing that cell phone location data should only be accessible to law enforcement with a search warrant. After all, as web enabled smart phones become more prevalent, this location data reveals an incredibly revealing portrait of your every move. As we’ve waged this legal battle, the government has naturally disagreed with us, claiming that the Stored Communications Act authorizes the disclosure of cell phone location data with a lesser showing than the probable cause requirement demanded by a search warrant.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Alabama’s new immigration bill

“The tough new bill includes strict provisions that go even farther than the controversial Arizona law that sparked national debate last year

Alabama’s legislature has passed a hard-hitting bill that would make it a state crime to be an undocumented immigrant. Inspired by Arizona’s controversial law, the Alabama bill would make cops ask for proof of legal residence from anyone they think might be in the U.S. illegally, with the person jailed until their status is verified.

It would also penalize anyone who hires, shelters, rents to, or gives a ride to illegal immigrants, and bars illegal immigrants from public universities.

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Chicago Gun Ban

Now that the Heller case has been decided in D.C., the next battleground is Chicago.

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