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Op-ed: Red Flag Laws A Bad Idea

From The Washington Examiner:

As if the numerous, egregious constitutional violations were not enough, however, the “red flag” initiative clearly does not even fulfill its intended purpose. Take Indiana, for example. While a 7.5% decrease
in firearm-related suicides did follow the passage of the “Jake Laird” law (the state’s own version of “red flag”), no reduction in overall suicides (firearm and non-firearm-related) occurred. Yet “red flag” laws continue to be touted as effective deterrents against homicide and suicide, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that speaks to the contrary.

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North Dakota Passes Constitutional Carry


House Bill 1169 codified the right of those with a North Dakota drivers’ license or state-issued ID card to carry a concealed handgun. The bill passed the House last month 83-9 and the Senate this week 34-13. Burgum, who carried an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association during his election campaign last year, contends the measure reaffirms Second Amendment rights.

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