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JSD Supply Wants Injunction Against ATF

From Ammoland:

JSD Supply sued the ATF after the Bureau issued the company a cease-and-desist order demanding that it stop selling parts and kits on its website. The government insisted that selling unfinished firearms frames and parts constituted selling unserialized firearms without a federal firearms license (FFL), even if the customer purchased the items separately. The ATF called this “structuring.”

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Mrgunsngear Does A Quick Rundown Of The New ATF “Rule”

From Mrgunsngear youtube:

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ATF Targeting 80% Industry

From Ammoland:

Although the detailed discussions of the meeting are unknown at this time, AmmoLand News received leaked emails from our sources that show that the ATF is seeking a new definition of a firearm. Joe Biden has targeted so-called “ghost guns” and semi-automatic rifles and recent days. Sources say he is pushing to accelerate those changes by using the ATF as a stop-gap for stalled federal legislation.

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Polymer80 Refuses To Release Customer Info

From Ammoland:

At the same time, Polymer80 received a subpoena from the state of California demanding that they turn over customer information. Polymer80 is refusing to comply with the subpoena and is committed to fighting back against the anti-gun state. Polymer80 attorneys told AmmoLand News that the company will fight against California’s legal request and is committed to protecting its customer’s information. The company is still selling and manufacturing 80% frames.

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D.C. Attacks Polymer80 Kits


Describing popular hobby gun kit provider Polymer80 as “selling untraceable firearms” to area residents, Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is suing the company.

The complaint against the company this week in a D.C. Superior Court, argues that Polymer80 is selling “firearms” that violate the District’s gun laws, has failed to “disclose it is not licensed to sell firearms in the District,” and is falsely claiming its products are legal in the District. The legal action is asking the court to block the company from selling “illegal ghost guns” as well as to apply civil penalties, monetary relief, and legal costs.

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Defense Distributed’s New Polymer Mill

From Defense Distributed:

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