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JSD Supply Wants Injunction Against ATF

From Ammoland:

JSD Supply sued the ATF after the Bureau issued the company a cease-and-desist order demanding that it stop selling parts and kits on its website. The government insisted that selling unfinished firearms frames and parts constituted selling unserialized firearms without a federal firearms license (FFL), even if the customer purchased the items separately. The ATF called this “structuring.”

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FPC Attacks ATF Rule As Unlawful

From Firearms Policy Center:

Today, the Department of Justice officially released a notice of proposed rulemaking announcing a new ATF rule which would, among other attacks on firearm owners, builders, and dealers, redefine the terms “receiver” and “frame.” FPC previously issued a statement regarding a leaked, draft version of the new rule in mid-April. The full text of the new rule can be found here.

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