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Tulsi Gabbard Pushes Dems To Acknowledge Voter Fraud

From Red State:

Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard might have been the last of the Democrats who had any sense of propriety and integrity, and while many would disagree with her politics, her ability to understand right and wrong can’t be overlooked.
For instance, as Democrats were doing their level best to ignore or make more excuses for the Project Veritas story that exposed the voter fraud helping Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s reelection, Gabbard was actually making statements denouncing the very obvious and provable fraud that was taking place right there, on video, for the world to see.

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DNC Delegate Admits Democrats Want To Ban Guns

From Project Veritas:

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Project Veritas Exposes Hollywood Gun Hypocrisy

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Journalists Don’t Want “Gun Free Home” Signs in Their Yards

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