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We Are The Heirs Of Revolution

From Silencer Co:

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The Popular 3-Gun Match


3-Gun offers gun owners a means to develop and hone shooting skills through the use of three platforms: rifle, shotgun and pistol. The dynamic sport pushes participants to creatively problem solve through stages stacked with obstacles and targets. With a shorter tenure in the shooting world than other competitions, 3-Gun begs the question what’s the history and why is it so appealing?

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Julie Golob Responds To President On Guns

From America’s First Freedom:

How do you respond to President Barack Obama’s statement that failure to pass more gun control is the “most disappointing” aspect of his presidency? 

Gun control is a theory that appeases those who think words on paper will affect criminal intent to do violence. In truth, it robs Americans who wish to take responsibility for their personal protection and freedom of the right to do so. It’s a form of oppression cloaked in words like “reasonable” and “sensible.” It doesn’t attack the root of the problem, but exacerbates it.

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Jesse Duff Talks Gun Control

Jesse Duff appeared on Hannity to talk about gun control:


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Taurus Signs Jessie Harrison-Duff As Shooting Team Captain



February 2012…Miami, FL – Taurus, the world’s foremost manufacturer of firearms announces Pro Shooter, Jessie Harrison-Duff as their Shooting Team Captain.

Jessie Harrison-Duff (formerly Jessie Abbate) has transformed her shooting career, from a beginning shooter to a top ranked professional.  She has earned 22 National and 19 World Champion shooting titles, in 5 different shooting disciplines.  Among these are the prestigious Bianchi Cup and the World Speed Shooting Championships.  Jessie has also ranked in numerous regional and state champion matches as well.  Reaching this level of shooting performance in her career defines a well-disciplined competitor and role model for the Taurus Shooting Team.

Mark Kresser, President and CEO of Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. states, “We are very excited and believe Jessie will take Taurus to a new level and break open the doors of competition.”  “She is a dynamic young lady with excellent shooting skills.  As Taurus moves forward into 2012, we intend on promoting youth, women and competition shooting.  With Jessie co-hosting the new and exciting “Friends of the NRA television show”, which she does between matches, highlighting the amazing story of the NRA’s grassroots foundation.  We are anxiously awaiting this year’s competitions with Jessie shooting her new Taurus!”

“I’m looking forward to my new position with Taurus.  Taurus is a company that has a reputation for providing accurate and safe firearms.  I was drawn to the brand after learning of their new commitment to their customer and their quest in promoting new shooters to the industry,” states Jessie Harrison-Duff.  “My livelihood depends on the performance of this gun and I’m anxious to start my new relationship with Taurus.  I look forward to promoting them, as well as shooting sports to new shooters.”


Follow Jessie on her Facebook to see her accomplishments at:



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Army Pro Shooting Tips: How to Speed Reload a Shotgun

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