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Woman Shot Ex In Self Defense In Jail; Ex Out On Bail

From Bearing Arms:

A woman in Decatur, Illinois who shot her ex in self-defense after he attacked her in her vehicle is now behind bars on $75,000 bond, while her abuser is already back out on the streets.
According to the Herald-Review newspaper, police say the woman was defending herself when she fired the shot from her legally owned firearm, but because she doesn’t have a concealed carry license, she’s now facing a felony charge.

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81-year-old man charged with attempted murder for shooting thief – an illegal immigrant thief

Robert Wallace on 9News.

“The Robert Wallace case has all the trademarks of a justice-gone-awry tale.

When Wallace, an 81-year-old Wheat Ridge resident, saw two men trying to steal his trailer this past February, he opened fire, hitting one of the men in the head.

But the person busted in the shooting’s immediate aftermath was Wallace, for attempted murder, while the two suspects in the theft attempt remained free until last week.

The contrast between an elderly man defending his property, Gran Torino-style, against the actions of an illegal alien — and then being prosecuted for his actions — could hardly be more stark.”

Alvaro Cordona-DeLoera - His mug shot clearly shows the impact the bullet had upon him

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