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Carry Permits At Record High


The 62-page report, compiled by the Crime Prevention Research Center, shows that 1.4 million more permits and carry licenses were issued in the last year, bringing the number of active holders to some 18.66 million. This represents an 8 percent growth from 2018’s figures and a serious 304 percent increase since 2007.

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California City With Most Carry Permits Has Least Homicides

From Bearing Arms:

New data out of California provides more evidence that the presence of legal gun owners and lawful gun carries doesn’t increase crime.  The Fresno Bee recently reported that Fresno County has the highest number of concealed carry licensees in the state, followed by Orange County.  If “more guns equals more crime”, then more people carrying guns should lead to more crime as well, and yet both Fresno and Orange County have lower homicide rates than Los Angeles County, home to more than 10-million residents but just 424 concealed carry licensees.

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Chicago Dem Calls For More Gun Permits

From The Truth About Guns:

LaShawn Ford has served as an Illinois State Representative since 2007.  Like his fellow Chicago Democrat General Assembly members, he has been a fairly consistent vote against gun rights since, well, forever.
But he recently appeared on radio station WLS-AM encouraging residents to arm themselves and get their carry licenses.

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