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Triggersafe For AR-15 Rifles

The Triggersafe is a simple cover for the AR-15 series of rifles that easily snaps on and off.

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Bill Whittle: America Was Designed To Be Free

Bill Whittle:

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Don’t Mix .300 BLK And 5.56

From Bearing Arms:

Tom’s description of the rifle, magazine, and shooter eerily echo that of other 300 BLK/.223 kabooms I’ve heard of, and in each instance, it appears that lighter .300 BLK bullets can be chambered just enough for a firearm to fire, especially with handloads that might not be seated at the correct depth.

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Safety Ring For Mosin-Nagant Rifles

If you have problems manipulating the safety on your rifle check out this product from Brass Stacker.


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Gun Locks Are Worthless

This video is from DEFCON a conference about technology and security. In this particular video the speaker demonstrates how most gun locks and safes are worthless.  WARNING this video has foul language.


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Res-Q-Me Can Save Lives For $10

Millions of car accidents occur each year, and if you happen to be in one and are trapped the Res-Q-Me is perfect. I carry one of these in my car at all times.

Buy at

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