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Fundraiser For Women’s Group: DC Project


The DC Project will host a fundraising festival this weekend in Burnett, Texas to raise money for an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. The group’s goal is to bring women from all 50 states to meet with legislators and personalize the Second Amendment.
The festival at the Reveille Peak Ranch will include live fire demos, a banquet, live and silent auctions and a 3-gun match. Celeb shooters will also make an appearance with Jerry Miculek, Tig Tiegen, Dianna and Ryan Muller, David Smith aka Shakey Dave, and more scheduled to shoot the match.

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New Activist Group To Counter Anti-Gun Investors

From Washington Free Beacon:

Americans for Tax Reform announced a new project designed to counter activist investors who have passed resolutions potentially damaging to gun companies and other corporations as a means of achieving a political goal.

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From Bearing Arms:

Using #WhyICarry, activists and even just casual carriers get to express their reasons for carrying a firearm. The truth is, there are a lot more of us than many people think.

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Pizza Shop Offers Discount For Armed Citizens

Gun owners get packing heat discount

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