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Changing Language To Advance More Gun Restrictions

From Bearing Arms:

Recognizing the deeply held beliefs of gun rights advocates and the polarizing nature of the gun control debate, Dean Vermund said he has begun to modulate his vocabulary in an attempt to have a more constructive dialogue.
“When I’m speaking to someone who doesn’t agree with me, I’ve started to use the term ‘gun safety’ because I believe gun safety is something a pediatrician and public health official has every right to talk about,” said Vermund, an epidemiologist and pediatrician. “I think gun safety might be a place where we can come together to have a conversation.”

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Corporate Censorship Of Alex Jones

From Spiked:

 Radicals and liberals declared themselves ‘very glad’ that these business elites enforced censorship against Jones and Infowars. We should be ‘celebrating the move’, said Vox, because ‘it represents a crucial step forward in the fight against fake news’. Liberals for capitalist censorship! The world just got that bit odder, and less free.

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Rights Supporters Made To Feel Like Criminals

From Forbes:

But gun business owners who say they want to engage in a real dialogue about how to make America safer say they aren’t sure they can – both because of the lack of information on the other side of the issue, and because they’re losing trust that gun control advocates are acting in good faith. Most people, says Jeff Wait, the owner of Okeechobee Shooting Sports in Central Florida, think more gun laws will be a quick fix to a really hard problem. He doesn’t believe gun laws could fix anything.

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