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Gun Advocate vs Truth Advocate

From Gun Culture 2.0:

Here’s the thing: I don’t see myself as a “gun advocate” or my work as “pro-gun.” As a social scientist, I am a TRUTH ADVOCATE and my work is PRO-TRUTH. What I write about guns is based on my search for truth, not a political position on guns. If there are political implications of my work, I will let others draw them.

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Survey Says 1 in 20 Households Bought A Gun In March

From Ammoland:

The National Instant background Check System (NICS reported close to 2,373,193 million guns sold in March of 2020. The numbers are not perfect. When multiple sales are done, they can be recorded as one check, but they would still go to the same household.  NICS records few private sales. The February 2020 NICS reported about 1,244,177 gun sales. The total of the two months is 3,617,370. It is unlikely people were purchasing guns out of concern for the coronavirus before February.

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Survey: 24% Support Repealing 2nd Amendment

From Conservative Firing Line:

According to Rasmussen, 24 percent of survey respondents “favor repealing the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment which guarantees the right of most citizens to own a gun.” The same survey revealed that 15 percent of respondents believe the amendment guarantees the right to own a gun, and ten percent aren’t sure.

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Police Survey On Gun Laws

From PoliceOne:

More than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals took part in the survey, which aimed to bring together the thoughts and opinions of the only professional group devoted to limiting and defeating gun violence as part of their sworn responsibility.

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World Gun Ownership Increasing


Gun ownership spiked worldwide over the last decade, according to the most recent Small Arms Survey.

Civilian-held legal and illegal firearms increased 32 percent to 857 million in 2017, according to researchers. American gun ownership far outpaced the remaining 229 counties and territories included in the list, accounting for more than 45 percent of the global total — or roughly 120.5 firearms per 100 U.S. citizens.

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