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The Shifting Demographics Of Gun Owners

From Axios:

That more people of color are exercising their Second Amendment rights could spell trouble for Democrats, who already suffered losses among these demographics in key battleground states in 2020.

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Remote Working And Gun Control

From The Truth About Guns:

The result of a more distributed Silicon Valley workforce would be a swarm of coastal exports spreading like locusts to much lower cost-of-living states in the great middle. As those coastal employees disburse, they will bring with them not only their technical prowess and incomes, but their culture and voting habits, too.

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Allen West On Changing Demographics

From Huckabee:

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Gun Homicide vs Gun Suicide In U.S.

From Open Source Defense:

We hear a lot of banter from the “anti-gun” media that these problems are gun problems, and they’ve concocted this “gun deaths” number in order to lump these into the same problem and gloss over the differences. But if the problem were “guns”, then the hot spots on the suicide map and the hot spots on the homicide map would coincide, and would be related to gun ownership rates. There are only a few places where they overlap. Most of the hot zones for suicide have low homicide rates, and most of the hot zones for homicide have low suicide rates. The difference is stark. Let’s zoom in.

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Gun Owner Demographics Changing Along With America’s

From NRA:

The face of the gun owner is changing. As you’ve no doubt heard and seen over the past several years, women are buying guns and learning to shoot at record rates. Since 2007, there’s been a remarkable 270 percent increase in women seeking concealed-carry permits, and a recent Harvard/Northeastern survey shows that 43 percent of today’s handgun owners are women.

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One Third of Americans Own Guns

From US News:

“We were not surprised by the degree of gun ownership,” said study lead author Bindu Kalesan. “But what is never really emphasized in studies that quantify ownership is how it relates to the concept of gun culture — meaning involvement in social events that revolve around guns.”

The poll of 4,000 adults indicated that gun owners are more than twice as likely as non-owners to engage in gun-related activities involving friends and family.


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Changing Demographics of Gun Owners

From The Daily Caller:

For the past three years, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual survey of retailers has reported an increase in the number of female customers. A 2013 survey commissioned by NSSF revealed new target shooters–those who have taken up the activity in the last five years–are younger, female and more urban dwelling when compared to established target shooters, or those participating for more than five years.

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Demographics of Gun Owning Households

From Pew Research:

Overall, about a third of all Americans with children under 18 at home have a gun in their household, including  34% of families with children younger than 12. That’s nearly identical to the share of childless adults or those with older children who have a firearm at home.

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