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Reporting On Political Violence

From FEE:

If the news that gets reported doesn’t bother to tell readers and viewers about angry left-wing lunatics who assault Republican campaign workers, set fire to GOP offices, or shoot Republican congressmen, and if reporters and pundits don’t care to spend much time writing about a series of threatening letters testing positive for ricin poison or threats of and/or the actual attempted murder of Republicans over their political views, then the people who consume news will not know about those kinds of things.

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Media Blackout On The 2nd Amendment

Media refuses to acknowledge pro-rights supporters.

From Fox News:

The cover of Time magazine this week features five anti-gun survivors of the Parkland, Fla., high school massacre, but has drawn criticism for pointedly omitting their pro-Second Amendment classmates.

One of those students, Kyle Kashuv, has been a prominent advocate for preventing violence while respecting gun rights in the weeks since the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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Media Hysteria Over Guns

From Fox News:

Guns and the media” called print journalists to account for guest columns that appeared in two different newspapers.  In the St. Louis American, a weekly paper distributed in the St. Louis metro area, a guest columnist wrote, “Gun owners love their guns more than they love their children.”  This is a demonstrably false generalization that a good editor would have refused to print.  Instead of allowing this blanket insult towards millions of law abiding American gun owners the editor should have worked through the writing process to assist the writer to honestly present a perspective about children killed in separate incidents around the country.

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Slate Rips Media For Gun Ignorance


Media stories in the wake of mass shootings typically feature a laundry list of mistakes that reflect their writers’ inexperience with guns and gun culture. Some of them are small but telling: conflating automatic and semi-automatic weapons, assault rifle and assault weapon, caliber and gauge—all demonstrating a general lack of familiarity with firearms. Some of them are bigger. Like calling for “common-sense gun control” and “universal background checks” after instances in which a shooter purchased a gun legally and passed background checks. Or focusing on mass shootings involving assault weapons—and thereby ignoring statistics that show that far more people die from handguns.

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Project Veritas Exposes Hollywood Gun Hypocrisy

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Univision is Only Media Investigating “Fast and Furious”

Watch the Univision documentary “Fast and Furious: Arming the Enemy” here. Why is a Spanish speaking the channel the only one investigating this scandal?

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Why is the mainstream media burying this story?

Muslim Mafia

What story is too intimidating, too controversial even for outspoken broadcasters like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck to cover?

Here’s a story that makes Watergate look like a parking violation by comparison – and yet the media has buried it.

Why? Because of the Muslim Mafia. Does that sound over the top? Far-fetched? Inflammatory?

There is a genuine threat to the First Amendment by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), “the Muslim Brotherhood’s public-relations factory” (Joseph Farah).

CAIR is trying to suppress freedom of the press in America by attempting to block the publication of an expose´ of CAIR by  authors P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry.

The book is “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” and not one news agency in America, other than World Net Daily, has had the integrity to tell you the truth about CAIR and its agenda.

To quote Joseph Farah, of World Net Daily, “CAIR and its terrorist-loving friends have millions of dollars in funding, and they use it to intimidate the media. CAIR has gone into court and sued heroic investigative reporter David Gaubatz as well as his son Chris (who went undercover in CAIR), to send a message to others. Their message: Tell the truth about CAIR and we will crush you financially. These are the type of tactics used by thugs.”

“Author Gaubatz’s son penetrated CAIR’s inner circle, posing as an intern, and he ferreted out thousands of pages of documents headed for the shredder. The documents tell a devastating story of lies and links to terrorists.”

CAIR wants these documents destroyed, so they can keep their deceit a secret, so they sued investigators Dave and Chris Gaubatz. Just a few things Dave and Chris uncovered:
– Which politicians are given money by CAIR.
– How Capitol Hill staffers are strategically placed by CAIR.
– Why FBI bonuses are paid to agents who are nice to CAIR.
– Why our government is afraid to reveal what they really know about CAIR.
– How CAIR has compromised our intelligence systems.

From: World Net Daily

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